Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little rain and a bad mood...

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We sure have had a lot of rain in the past couple of days. It's not raining right now but it's missing a heck of a chance. It's very dark and dreary out. They are predicting possible storms for Friday and Saturday. It's just that time of year. How does the song go... "When you see clouds upon the hill, you soon will see crowds of daffodils. So if it's raining, have no regrets. Because it isn't raining rain you know. It's raining violets". So, it's OK with me.

For you American Idol fans...
Weren't there some wonderful performances last night. Adam was a standout as usual. When he finished singing my daughter called me and said she wanted to marry him and have his children. LOL. I'm looking for either Megan or Michael to be leaving the show tonight. We'll see. AND only one more episode of ER after tonight. I hope TNT keeps running the re-runs because I could watch every episode over and over again. Survivor was doing a re-cap of the first 15 days last night. My grandson called to tell me not to bother watching it 'cause it's stuff we already know about. I can't believe he is into that show. He'll be 8 in June. The other day he brought my mail in and I noticed his jeans were unbuttoned and I could see his underwear. When I pointed it out he said he was thinking about being a rapper and just wanted to try it out. OMG! I fixed his pants and told him he had plenty of time to figure it out. LOL.

I've been in a bad mood all day today. I think it started when Gizmo decided to wake me up this morning. I was so not ready to get up and it wasn't quite daylight yet. I had a fretful night and could have used a couple more hours sleep but she wasn't having any of it. After fussing at her a dozen times, I finally got up and hit the shower (thinking that would improve the way I was feeling). NOT! Giz has tested me all day...into one thing and then another. My kids got me a nice wall clock for the living room for my Birthday and it has a pendulum. If I don't keep a good eye on Gizmo she climbs everything she can trying to get to that pendulum. Grrrrr! I finally got the fly swatter down today and (mostly) let her hear the sound it makes. It deters her for a minute or two. As a matter of fact, I better go see what she's into right now. It's way too quiet. LMBO! Have a good Friday and weekend everyone.


  1. I hope you had a nice birthday. I sympathize with you over your kitty complaints. I too, complain about my kitty all the time too. I grabbed the tag you made. It's adorable. Thank you

  2. It's rained here for two days. It stopped this afternoon but is supposed to start back sometime tonight. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! LOL about Gizmo....but I know its annoying. I love the tag...I snagged it. Thanks

  3. Gizmo sure is a little doll.

  4. Love graphics, we are getting rain too.
    That is so cute about it loves the thrill of trying to get that clock.

  5. out the graphic...snagged it....hopefully you'll be in a better mood tomorrow...thx for the updates on the shows...I've worked the last 2 nights, I missed them...take care!

  6. We have about the same climate here I guess 'cause we have gotten buckets of the wet stuff here, too. I think it's about to shut down and get c o l d again for a few days. My Meyers has gotten into lots of trouble the last few days from being inside so much. I have a pic of him laying low after a good scolding :) cheer up now; summer is on it's way~~~~

  7. But...Gizmo is so CUTE! How could such a cutie possibly cause any trouble? ;)

    Adam knocked it out of the park with his performance this week. Wow. We've liked him from the beginning, and he just keeps getting better. LOL at your daughter's remark! (I don't know for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me one bit to find out that Adam is gay.) I think he's the one to beat, although Allison has got an awesome voice.

    And Megan has GOT to go home soon. Pfftthhh!

    Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!

    Hugs, Beth

  8. Joyce, Loved the tag. I did snag it. Thank you.
    Cats can be a handful can't they? lol
    Too cute about your grandson. They sure can come up with
    Have a great week-end!
    Hugs, Sheri

  9. Hi Joyce, I just love the tag with the outhouse. I like outhouses. If I had an outhouse, I would decorate it so cute. Oh God, I think I am losing it. Marlene

  10. Hope your birthday was a wonderful one

  11. Beautiful tag...Gizmo sounds so cute. I think we all have bad mood days once and awhile...hugs and love,

  12. So yesterday it was a beautiful, warm, sunny spring day, a joy to be outside. But when the evening came there was loud thunder and then sleet. The sleet didn't fall, it was thrown down. It made so much noise against my windows it sounded like it was inside the apartment. So if it's only raining violets what was it sleeting, thorn bushes? Cactus perhaps. D