Friday, March 13, 2009

OK Mother Nature!!! That's just about enough fooling around at our expense. Tuesday we had 80 degrees and a yard full of Robins and Thursday we had sleet and ice hanging in the trees. Let's stop all this messing around and bring on Spring. Everyone is ready for it I think.

Not much going on this week to report. I was sad to hear about Linda losing her sweet kitty Gabi. Gayla recently lost her beautiful dog also. My heart goes out to both of you. I've been there and it's heartbreaking. {{{{Hugs}}}} to both of you. Still sending prayers to Donna who had surgery this week. And let's not forget about the folks in Samson, Alabama who had their own tragedy happen this week. Randy from
My HANDS are shaking and, my FAITH is broken. is in that area and knew some of the folks who were killed.

My man George Clooney made an appearance on ER last night. He's still as handsome as ever. There's just something about that man that lights my fire...LOL, no fool like an old fool, I guess.

I hope everyone has a terrific weekend. It's Spring break for the schools here so I will be spending some time with my grandson. I promised I would play some games with him while he is off. Jackie is spending the week with her dad so I will be missing her this week.



  1. Wasn't it great to see Dr. Ross last night?! I swear, I start crying as soon as the show starts lately. Ken makes sure I have Kleenex handy. LOL

    I loved it that Dr. Carter got his kidney, but it was kind of bittersweet that Carol and Doug didn't know it was Dr. Carter who they'd helped save. Aww. And it was great to see Dr. Benton.

    Did you want to punch the surgeon who did Dr. Carter's transplant as much as I did? Ha!

    Enjoy your weekend, and I'm ready for spring!!

    Hugs, Beth

  2. Were'nt you applauding the snow recently :o)

    Yea, bring the spring on already. ER rocks, enough said :o)

  3. Weather is crazy here too. Its right down cold here but the hummingbirds arrived today anyway two days early.

  4. Oh how I used to love Dr Carter! Now, my daughter has had a MAJOR crush on him. :-) I didn't get to watch the show as I had to work on photographs.

    I'm ready for warm weather any day now!


  5. Hello Miss Joyce,

    I hope you have a great weekend and the weather gets warmer for you. I think springs is here for us it got up to 84 today!(Praise God). What's so funny was a couple of week ago we actually had snow here!lol My kids went crazy. Thanks for the prayers and you are truly a blessing.

    God Bless


  6. I'm ready for spring too. We had a taste of it to tease us, and then we got a bit more winter. I think this is it, though.

  7. your spring sounds like a spring in Montana; one day 75 degrees, the next day 6 inches of snow; how fun with spring break with your grandson! I bet you'll have lots of good times with him!! I was very sad to hear about poor little Gabi :(

    I haven't watched ER in years; sounds like it was a good one!

    enjoy your week ahead


  8. Hi Joyce. Thank you so mucn for your dedications on DOnna and I'm sorry I haven't got a chance to read everybody blog. It was a nice entry. You thinking of others and along with LInda from Linda's world. You take care and I will keep posting on Donna later.>>HUGS<< Nancy

  9. Yeah, Mother Nature. Stop playing "They love me, they love me not" and get down to business.


  10. The weather has been strange for too. The flowers here, don't know if they should open or stay closed,LOL. Sending prayers for your friends...many hugs to all...Joyce