Sunday, March 8, 2009

A beautiful Saturday...

Saturday was the most beautiful Spring day. We took the kids to the park for some fun in the sun and then had a cook out in my daughter's back yard. It was 75 degrees and the burgers, dogs and chops tasted wonderful. Today we are in the windy city (no not Chicago). The clouds have moved in and the wind is fierce. It's still very warm, but not a nice day to be outside. These little tastes of Spring really spoil a person. It will be back in the 40's and 50's after Tuesday, but it sure was nice to open up the house and air it out for a day or two.

Would you believe I'm still trying to finish Patricia Cornwell's 'Scarpetta'? I put it down when everything happened with my daughter and now I seem to be in Scarpetta Hell. I just can't seem to get back into it. I ordered the first two Twilight books for my friends daughter and am tempted to try to read one of them. Naw...I'll let the 14 year old read them and give me a book report...LOL.
I have a new Patterson book and a new J. D. Robb book calling my name on the bookshelf so I guess I will force myself to finish Scarpetta.

Well, I just wanted to check in on this Sunday afternoon. Remember to keep Donna from in your prayers. She has surgery on Tuesday and is having some anxiety surrounding her situation.

Have a good week everyone.

Hugs, Joyce


  1. Oooh, grilled food. That sounds delicious. We had our day of good weather also. It was nice while it
    I'll have to use the grill the next time we have a nice day.

  2. We are sooooo looking forward to spring. Rainy and windy here the past two days.

    Enjoyed Scarpetta, I think that is the last book I read (my magazines keep me busy).

    Glad you had a nice cookout yesterday :o)

  3. Looking forward to our first cookout--hopefully soon!

    We had tornado warnings in our area today, but I think most of it has passed through now. The winds were fierce!

    Hugs, Beth

  4. I've never seen so much wind here. Not good with the dry conditions and sure making for a lot of allergies. Hope your Sunday was nice.

  5. We have been grilling too. I hear it's going to get cold agin here too. YUCK!

  6. I hear those who pick up Twlight cannot put it down and even lose sleep over it; so glad you had a nice Saturday with good weather and a cook out! a sure sign that spring is almost here!!


  7. The days here are nice and sunny but still very windy and cold I can't wait for warmer climes.
    hope all is well with your daughter and you and that you back is not giving you to much trouble.


    Take care


  8. Food sounds delicious.
    Glad you had a nice cookout