Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good news (for a change)...

I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am today. You all know what my daughter has been going through. I think I told you that on Friday they took off the wound vac...well, on Monday at her visit with the surgeon, he put it back on. He wants it on for at least another week and will re-evaluate on her next visit this coming Monday. Vicki was watching children to make ends meet (since she was laid off last year) and, of course, she can't do that now due to the surgery. On Tuesday she had an interview for a job keeping the books for a 'chicken farm' here in our county. (Yes, I said 'chicken farm'.) Anyway, she went to the interview with that wound vac and tube hanging out and there were 16 other interviews for the same job. They called her today and she got the job. I couldn't have been more surprised. The best part is that it will be part time until the end of April, (which is perfect for her recovery) and then full time. Another prayer answered.

OK. So I got my big snow on Monday and it is just about gone now. I think God must have snuck it in for me because now the temps are rising. Today it will be 66 and by the weekend we are looking at the mid 70's. Go figure. Is it Spring or not? Only time will tell. I will be glad to open up the apartment and let some of these old germs out. I've coughed up a lung or two this week but I am feeling much, much better.

Remember to change your clocks on Saturday night. It seems too early, but I guess not. I do enjoy the longer days when the weather is warm. It just seems like this school year has gone so fast. The kids have a Spring break coming up too. My granddaughter will spend hers with her dad (only 60 miles away) and Brandon will have fun with the new little boys that moved in across from his apartment a month ago. Me? I'm starting to think about taking a trip to Tunica, MS and play a little slots. It's been a while and a couple of days down there sounds like a really good idea. We'll see.

I hope everyone is having a good week. Until next time...
Hugs, Joyce


  1. That's great news, Joyce! Sounds like a perfect job for your daughter as she continues to recover.

    I'm sitting here with the sliding glass door partly open. It feels wonderful!

    Hugs, Beth

  2. cute taggie.
    that's wonderful news!
    hoping dtr conts to do well. sending her a big hug, & another prayer goes up. ;)
    have a lovely upcoming wkend.

  3. Great that your daughter earned the job :o)

  4. Wonderful news! Amazing how it all falls in place. Best wishes! ~ Maria

  5. I am happy for your daughter too. I hope you get to go play the slots like you want to. It's always nice to get away for a while. By the way, your tag is very cute.


  6. Good news for your daughter for sure!

  7. thanking the Lord for your daughter's job! that sounds awesome! I can so definitely see the Lord's hand in this!!


  8. I am so glad to hear the good news. I certainly know what it feels like to be down and worried and then have the perfect opportunity fall into place. Amen!
    Hugs, Sheri

  9. Hi Joyce. I think you need a vacation for a few days. A change will do you good now that your daughter is doing so well. It's climbing up to about 82* here today :)......