Monday, January 12, 2009

My weekend...

Baby it's cold outside. The weather folks predicted this to be the coldest week so far this winter and so far they hit it on the head. It's supposed to be in the single digits one night this week. Brrrr. Except for wanting to see some snow, I can't wait until summer. I spent most of yesterday laying down with a sick headache and I really believe the cold weather had a hand in it. I'm just a warm weather girl I guess.

OK, I have to talk about the playoff game on Saturday. My TN Titan's lost and so our season is over. Talk about some disappointed fans. Now, I'll tell you my story... it's the end of the 3rd. quarter and the power goes off. OMG!!!! I could NOT believe it. Someone hit a power pole and here I am, in the dark, trying not to cuss, but on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Lot's of people paid $1500 for a ticket to this game and I made fun of them. What I would have given for one of those thickets right then. lol. Anyway, I missed the entire 4th. quarter and had to call my son when the power came back on to see who won. He answered the phone "I don't want to talk about it". So, I knew without another word that we had lost. Wah wah wah. We came so close this year. It was a good season anyway and I'm proud of the team.

I listened to President Bush's press conference this morning. I know he made some mistakes (like all our presidents do) but I do not think he was nearly as bad as some people do. Now let's see if our new president can work the wonders he has promised in the next four years. He has several extreme situations that have to be addressed immediately. I don't envy him the job ahead. Like I said, we need to pray for our leaders and our country.

I hope everyone has a pleasant and warm week. I know there is a lot of blizzard type weather out there. Stay safe.

Hugs, Joyce


  1. My boys are HUGE fans of the Titans. I remember in the late 90's my boys telling me about them and how the Titans and the Colts were their favorite teams. My son now lives in Baltimore and I asked him what he thought of the game ... he didn't want to talk about it either! He's still a Titan fan. I would've been so frrustrated to lose power and miss the 4th quarter!

    Keep warm.


    PS the tags are really good!

  2. well I'll say sorry about your team's loss. Not a sports fan myself. Have a good day.

  3. I'm really sorry about your Titans, Joyce. We thought of you yesterday. Tough run for us this year. Ken's Bears didn't even make the playoffs, my Colts were out in the first round...then I was cheering for the Titans, and they're out. Next I moved on to cheering for the Giants, and THEY'RE out. That does it. I'm not watching football anymore.

    Hahahaha! It will be a cold day in Hell when that happens. Of course, it sounds like that's about what it's supposed to be like this week! We're supposed to drop below zero later this week.

    Oh, that's awful about losing power during the game! I honestly think we would have hopped in the truck and headed to a pub somewhere to watch it. Anyhoo, I'm sorry it didn't work out this year. :(

    Hope you're feeling better. Try to stay warm!

    Hugs, Beth

  4. Sorry you felt poorly with the headache...hope it never comes back. Wow, missed so much...the playoffs, the speech...I need to get to watching some news clips to see what I missed. Temps goinf down down down here too...come Wednesday. Stay warm...hugs and love...

  5. I certainly don't envy Obama and the role he has taken on, but he clearly wants to do it!! What a nightmare regarding the electric, you poor thing!!!

  6. Sorry about the Titans, at least they made a good run :o)

  7. We're Eagle fans here so we're pretty happy so far.

    Have a good week.

  8. Hello Miss Joyce,

    It got cold here also! Seventy one day and forty's the next. They say wensday night it is suppose to get down to 18 that's the coldest we've had in a while. I guess I just have to grit my teeth and bare it!lol I agree with you on President Bush He's not as bad as they want to make him out to be.

    God Bless


  9. Hi Joyce. It's spring/fall a few days here and then winter for a few. I'll take all the spring/fall days I can get. Anyway, a cold winter day beats the heck out of a hurricane day:)......

  10. okay, don't kill me, but it was 85 degrees yesterday and today and throughout the week it is forecasted in the mid 80s. but remember it is super expensive and crowded here

    sorry about your sick headache the other day; never fun

    I'm sorry about the Titans too! I feel your pain; the Chargers lost yesterday too; too bad about the power going out! I bet that was very frustrating!

    I'm so with you about praying for our new president; he is definitely going to need it and I agree with your comment that the Lord can get us out of this, I do think right now since we have turned so far away from him, we need to come back wholeheartedly for him to heal our land; (I say we figuratively collectively as a country). people need to repent and turn away from some key issues and I don't see that happening any time soon :(


  11. Sorry your team lost ~ our Packers didn't even come close so you have that. :) Our week is going to be the coldest yet too so we will be pining for Spring along with you.... supposed to go to -12 tonight. brrrrr

  12. I was shocked when the Titans lost. I actually thought they would win the SuperBowl this year. LOL...I'll send ya some snow.

    No President is ever as bad or as good as they are said to be. Nobody can work miracles. This country needs more than a miracle right now.

    Love the Disney tag! HUGS