Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just another day...

This week is flying by for some reason. I haven't really done anything special. It rained for three straight days and the sun finally came out this afternoon. It good to see but it's still pretty cold out. Lot's of you are looking for Spring already. Me? I'd like to see at least one nice snow before that happens. I know some of you are sick of snow but we get so little here in Tennessee that everyone get's really excited at the slightest chance for some of the white stuff.

Monday my daughter came down and helped me do some serious cleaning. I straightened closets and cleaned up the files and drawers in my computer desk while she mopped my floors and vacuumed and cleaned my bathroom for me. I so appreciated the help. I dusted and did my laundry today. Now all that's left to do is light the candles, put the music on and take a nice long bath. LOL.

I retired from the GM plant that started out by building Saturn's back in 1990. I was very fortunate to get a job there before production was even started. I only worked for GM for 15 years and was concerned about taking the early retirement package in 2005, but I was starting to see the handwriting on the wall, so I did. Now that the stock is literally worthless, I'm glad I bailed when I did. The week before Christmas they handed walking papers to a substantial number of non-union workers again. A couple of my good friends were really blind-sided by it. One in particular will be 60 next month and is beside herself with worry. She needs a job and more than that, she needs health insurance (since GM is not providing her any). Once again, I got out just in time (as I have very, very reasonable health insurance with GM until I turn 65). Anyway, I said all that to say that we really need to pray for our country and our leaders. If something isn't done soon I don't know what will happen to all these people that are without employment.

On that note, I will get off of here and feed Gizmo (and myself). Of course, she is first. The main reason being I can't stand to eat with her watching me with those big eyes as if she is starving to death. lol. Have a good rest of the week.

Hugs, Joyce


  1. I was just watching the news now and it's the same here so many people losing their jobs as companies close sad. I'm starting a clean out it's amazing how much stuff you accumulate.

    Take care


  2. I was reading a blog entry the other day and I wish I had saved it. The guy was saying the econony isn't as bad as the media is claiming and that everyone he knows is working so all is fine. No, not everyone is working and many are suffering without health insurance, without work, etc. That guy needs to take his head out from under his rock!

    I can feed Toby and Jet before I eat but they will both sit there staring at me like they've been neglected for YEARS. ::sigh::

    Will keep your friends in my prayers.


  3. Hi Joyce. Glad you took the early retirement. After all that has been said and done concerning the bail-out, I don't see that money helping the ordinary workers at all. Overproduction was and is a big problem. By all means, have supper with Gizmo and a nice relaxing soak in the bubbles :).........

  4. Make that a bubble bath and a smell good candle. You deserve it. So glad your daughter helped you get things in order.

  5. praying for our country/leaders Joyce; I feel for your friend; I can't imagine at 60 having to go out and look for work and worry about health insurance, it shouldn't be like this. I'm glad you saw the writing and retired when you did.

    what a sweet daughter to help you with cleaning/chores!

    its always the eyes of our animals isn't it? that get us to do whatever they want, LOL; Koda looks at me with those eyes of his and I melt.....

    enjoy your day


  6. Nothing like cleaning house and making room for new junk (lol). did you get to hear Obama's speech today? I hope he can stand up to the struggle that lies ahead.

  7. It's getting like that over here. If another store closes, I wonder what is going to happen to our high streets :( it's all so worrying and scary!! Somebody has to do something soon. Glad your having a good day anyway and I love the graphic x

  8. I am glad you took the early retirement too. I know what you mean about the eyes of your pets watching you. My cat reaches up and taps my arm wanting a handout. My hubby taugh her that. I never had a cat that begged until I met him.

  9. I agree we really need to pray. It's just soooo scary! I'm glad things worked out for you!!

  10. The week has flown by. I can only hope the weekend goes a little slower! LOL

  11. The days drag on, the weeks fly by and so do the years. Enjoy your bath.

    I wish I had a bath tub. D

  12. Joyce, who is the picture you have on your profile? Is that you with your Mom? It is so cute.


  13. It is definitely a tough time, our brother-in-law just go layed off. Glad you have a bit of a cushion :o)

  14. I'm glad you opted out when you did. Others haven't been as lucky, and as Ken mentioned, we just found out when we got back that my brother-in-law got laid off after 35 years at his company. I think Obama was right when he said things are going to get worse before they get better, and we all need to steel ourselves for that. Very scary times, but I believe we'll all pull through.

    Gizmo is just so darn cute. Give her a little tummy rub from me, if she likes tummy rubs!

    Hugs, Beth