Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Scare, Snow and a Couple of Tags

I can't believe a week has gone by without an entry from me. Time is such an interesting thing. It slows down when it wants and speeds up when you need more of it. This week started out pretty stressful for me. for the first time in my life I dialed 911 and let me tell you, I had to be really scared to do that for myself. I truly thought I was having a heart attack. I was sitting in my recliner with Gizmo asleep in my lap and I had just started watching the new "Hulk" movie when... all of a sudden my heart started racing and my chest tightened up (no pain at all, just tightness) and I felt like I might pass out. I pushed Giz off my lap and sat up straight hoping it would go away. It didn't so I reached for the phone a dialed. Just as I was dialing my neighbor Danny knocked on the door and yelled "I have homemade oatmeal cookies". LOL. If I hadn't been so scared I would have laughed. Anyway, in less than 5 minutes (I love my little town) I had a living room full of police and paramedics checking me out. At the hospital they took every test imaginable and it was not my heart. The only thing they can figure out is that my thyroid medicine was not nearly strong enough and that is what caused the episode. Anyway, I just told a long story to say I am fine and have not had any problems since. I have just kind of taken it easy all week.

I wrapped most of my gifts this week. I just lack a few things. I got a 'kid-sized' skateboard for Brandon and haven't figured out how I'm going to wrap it yet. My little apartment looks Christmasy with the little tree and my beautiful porcelain nativity set. I also have a crocheted Santa that an on-line friend made me last year. You put a coffee can in it and fill it with goodies. (Thank you again Carol.) And I want to again thank Linda in Washington for the book and the calendar. I will read the book after I finish with "Cross Country" by Patterson.

Tuesday I go back for my second epidural steroid injection for my back. It's still not where I would like it to be, but maybe this second injection will do the trick. I really thought I would grow old gracefully but so far, not so

Almost forgot to tell you, we had SNOW this week. About 2 inches. It was not predicted and even as it fell the local weather lady was saying we MIGHT see a little snow mixed in the rain. Boy, did she miss it this time. Of course, it caused the schools to be closed yesterday and the kids loved that. Everyone gets so excited when we get any snow because we get so little and some years, none. I can't ever remember seeing snow here in December. Most of it has melted now, but it sure was pretty for a while.

OK, enough rambling. I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend.
Hugs, Joyce


  1. Hello Miss Joyce,

    So glad that you are doing better! REALLY Happy not a heart attack just take it easy. Don't go out and build too many snow men. Hope you have a better week!

    God Bless


  2. that must've been really scarey! i know that'll prob happen to me someday & iget terrified just thinking about it. so glad they found what it was & have you all straightened out! {{}}
    sweet linda sent me a book & calendar too, i have the calendar behind my 2008 calendar ready to go, & the book on my nightstand.
    the tags are nice, i used the cat tube on one of my 2 cd tags did you see it? i am making a bah humbug using my little furr monkee! lol
    have a good wkend & take it easy!

  3. (((((((((((((((JOYCE)))))))))))))))))I am glad you are ok and you didnt have a hear attack.Was it you,I remembered saying one year,you guys never got snow?Or was that another Joyce?Have a nice weekend.

  4. So releaved that you are o.k.

    Hugs, Rose

  5. Must have been very frightening. Glad that it was not anything more serious.

  6. Joyce, I'm so glad you are okay, and you absolutely did the right thing. So many people wait too long, thinking it will go away, and then there could be severe damage to the heart. That must have been scary, but I'm glad you made the call!

    I saw that even Houston and New Orleans got snow! We got rain. How does THAT happen?!

    Hugs, Beth

  7. OMGosh I sure am happy that you are okay. Poor Gizmo probably thought what the heck Momma. I can imagine how scared you were. I always try to keep my cell phone close if I have to call. I worry about that stuff especially when my grandson is with me. I don't want anything to happen to me in front of him.
    WOW I'm jealous you got snow. We got flurries. The counties around me got 6 INCHES what is up with that and I'm the one that wants snow. I bet if I call home they got snow and we never get snow in Texas.
    Glad you are okay.
    Take care, Chrissie

  8. Oh my goodness! Well, I'm glad you told us what happened. (No, it wasn't a long story) I' so glad you are Ok, my friend and are relaxing.


  9. Better safe than sorry, Joyce. So glad you are ok now. I think you got the same snow storm we got. I really enjoyed it for the short time it was here but was glad to see it melt away. Take care :)......

  10. OMGoodness...I'm sooo glad you're scary..get your rest, & enjoy Gizmo...& your weekend!

  11. Glad you are okay now. Must have been very scary at the time.

  12. Whew, what a relief to read it wasn't a heart attack. I'm glad that you didn't just sit there and hope it wasn't. It's best to go and make sure. Get some rest and let Gizmo get back to snuggling with you! Oh yeah, enjoy those cookies the neighbor brought over. :-)


    LOVE YA,

  14. Thank God you are okay. I would have been scared too death too.

  15. Wow, Joyce, I'm so glad you called 911 and got checked out, especially now since Donna ended up with open heart. You really need to be sure. I decorated my tree Tuesday and planned to do an entry. I had to reinstall AOL, my DSL crapped out so I'm behind again. I love the ho ho humbug tag! HUGS

  16. J, I doubt that it was your thyroid medication. Whatever it was, it is a good excuse to get a doctor's hands all over you. Make sure he is a hottie! LOL

  17. So glad you ok, must have ben scary, and thank god for good neighbours.I've no suggestions on how your going to wrap a well done for have your Xmas preparations in hand I'm dreadfully behind as usual.

    Take care


  18. poor you Joyce! sounds like an awful experience to to through, but I bet it was a "good feeling" to realize how quickly help could come your way; I'm glad it wasn't your heart; hoping no more episodes happen like that!

    that would be hard to wrap a skateboard! I know I gave one years ago to our son for his birthday but I think I just wrapped it the regular way and he pretty soon knew what it was because of the shape. good luck figuring out a clever way to wrap it; bet you do :)

    how exciting with the snow; its always neat when it comes to an area not expecting it and you know it won't be around for a long time


  19. Good God.. I'm so far behind.. .I had no idea.. I am so very very happy you are ok and it wasn't a heart attack. So VERY happy. Take it easy... relax and enjoy the season.
    Love ya