Sunday, November 23, 2008

OK, for all the bragging I've done about the Titan's, I guess I have to tell when they lose too. The Jet's got us good today. It wasn't even a nail-biter, just a big win for the Jets. It would have been nice to continue to be undefeated, but I'm not crying. We are still doing really well this year and will make the play-offs. So all is well.
So, in 1983 I had a hysterectomy. I was in the hospital for five days with morphine and a tens unit and thought I might die. I continued to recuperate at home for another week or two and milked it for all it was worth. Now, here's this little kitty who was cut open on Monday and by Tuesday afternoon was chasing a ball around the living room. I never gave her all the pain meds because she was obviously not in any pain by day three. What's up with that? Does it take human's longer to recover because we are aware. Did Gizmo miss the memo that said "you are supposed to be sick for a while"?
My granddaughter and grandson are both trying to earn money to buy Mom Christmas gifts. My apartment has never been so clean. Of course, I am a sucker and over pay them and let them clean things that aren't really in need of cleaning. Jackie wants to buy her mother some much needed clothes and has earned $60.00 so far. Brandon (age 7) wants to buy her some Sand and Sable cologne and has earned $20.00. I think they both have enough for their goals (thank goodness) so maybe I won't go broke. lol. Jackie is always a big help to me anyway (for no pay) so I don't mind doing this for them. Just so they understand that the buck stops at Christmas.
Well, I guess I will go eat a bite. I promised Brandon I would make him some Monkey Bread after I had supper. Jackie knows how to make it but he says mine is better. I think he just wants to visit and talk me to death. Boy that child can talk (I love him though). Hope everyone has a good week.
Hugs, Joyce


  1. How sweet is that! They actually want to earn money to buy for their mom. Very ambitious. Gizmo recovered so quickly and what the heck is monkey bread? :)

  2. That is so refreshing to hear. I think most would want the money for themselves....Y'all are doing a very good job with these children!

  3. Mmm, monkey bread! I've made a thing called Garlic Bubble Loaf that is savory rather than sweet.

    Really sorry about the Titans. When the Colts went on their undefeated streak a couple of years ago, it was almost a relief when they finally lost! Now you can just look ahead towards the playoffs!


  4. I'm sorry the Titans loss today..although I wish it were my "boys" the STEELERS that did about Gizmo, I guess she didnt get the memo! Sounds like a nice xmas coming up ;)

  5. I haven't made monkey bread in forever. Need to do that soon. I do have chicken and dressing in the oven and pea salad made. So thoughtful of the kids to earn money to buy gifts.

  6. Good incentives for the kids to buy their mum Christmas presents. a question what's Monkey Bread?glad little kitty cat is doing well. Hope there is some improvement with your back.

    Take care


  7. My vet told me that you never know when cats are in pain, because they mask it. This is because in the wild, if they appear to be sick they are rejected by the colony. So, cats will be really sick and they just sit and do not appear so....


  8. I have always been amazed at how animals seem to have a different pain threshold.

    I applaud you for what you are doing for the g-kids to buy Christmas gifts.

    Glad you are starting to feel better :o)

  9. sorry about the Titans, but it is reassuring to know they will be in the playoffs! so cute you helping your grands to earn money for their mom's Christmas gifts; they'll be so proud of the gifts when they give them to her on Christmas!!


  10. Back again, Joyce. Come on over and get the Marie Antoinette Award :).......

  11. What a great thing all around!! The kids get a sense of accomplishment and the joy of giving, Mom gets some good presents. You get a little help and some great company and your own warm glow from giving!

  12. Wow, Joyce, those kids are really working hard and earning some money. That's a very good thing. I did see that the Titans lost. I still think they have a very good shot at the SuperBowl.

    LOL...I've often wondered when my animals were spayed how they can bounce back the next day. HUGS

  13. Thats good kids are working hard and earning some money.

  14. I am still recovering and wish I could chase a ball of yarn. LOL Good for you helping I bet the kids love it

  15. My grandkids are the same way.They never want to accept money for helping me, but sometimes I insist. They have to earn money too.
    Glad to hear that Gizmo is doing so good.

  16. hard to believe, but vets have told me animals feel pain differently than we do. that's why i left you that comment that day.
    i believe kids should earn money, & also be encourage to donate a portion of what they ear to the needy.
    have a great week.

  17. What on earth is monkey bread?