Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's a blinkie kind of day...

Looks like I went crazy with the blinkies today. I've been enjoying my PSP a lot this week. I hope you folks that collect are finding something you like. This is going to be one of those days that I will have to spend outside. It is supposed to get to the mid 70's so me and my current
J.D. Robb book will be heading out to the patio table shortly. Now, let's talk about Monday. Would you believe they are talking about the possibility of snow. Freakin' unbelievable!!!!!!

Hugs and enjoy your weekend!


  1. Glad your day is blinkie 'cause they sure are pretty.

  2. They're talking some snow here, too. Joyce.


  3. Love the blinkies,,
    I am reading James Pattersons,"Sail".
    I just woke up and have so far opened one window.
    Have to check to see if it's time to open the rest. We are supposed to get snow tonight into Monday. The only good thing is that if it does come down,,it won't stay around for
    Enjoy your quiet time,

  4. love the blinkies...good luck with the snow! stay warm & dry...hugs

  5. Spring Joyce? Spring is that weekend that comes between winter and summer. DB

  6. Wow, Joyce, these are so awesome! I've been sick and away from Blogger and everything else for so long, I feel I've missed a ton of stuff. You really have been making some great stuff. I need to dust off my PSP. HUGS

  7. Joyce thank for the blinkies. I think the first two are a little too fast on the blinking side.IN the meantime thanks again and have a good week. IT is in the mid-40's and into the 30's in mid-week. >>HUGS<< Nancy

  8. You did good Joyce. I haven't been making anything much, but just been organizing my files and collecting new graphics.
    It's freezing here today and I'm so happy that I froze some homemade soup because I'm sick and I'm having it today.
    Take care, Chrissie

  9. Well, it's Monday & as far south as we are here, it is a cold & very windy day. Yesterday was just perfect even with the lighter winds. I'm gonna blank this day out & tomorrow won't be much better:( I see the earth quake pics in India & it makes me appreciate what we do have..cold or not :)