Sunday, November 16, 2008

Hello everyone. Looks like old man winter has arrived here in TN. It got down into the 20's last night and the high today is only 46...brrrrrrrr!!!! Think I'll just stay in and wait for the Titan's game this afternoon. Of course, the whole world knows they are playing game #10 without a loss so far. What a difference a year makes. Of course, I'm not a fair weather fan. I always watch them and love them win or lose.
On Tuesday I went to my Ortho doctor and he decided (with my to let me try the epidural steroid injection again. So, I had it on Thursday morning. Friday was NOT a good day but yesterday and today it is much better. I do think I will have to do the whole series (or at least the second injection) as I am still not able to make it very long without some kind of pain meds. Today I stopped taking the hard stuff and switched to Ibuprophen 800's. So far so good. I am going to try to catch up with all my blog reading in the next couple of days. I'm so sorry for being so absent for the past couple of weeks.
Tomorrow morning Mz. Gizmo will be having her hysterectomy (lol). I put it off due to my back but it is soooo time. She is 6 months old and it won't be long before she goes into heat and I sure don't want that. She is such good company and a little sweetie. She's very loving and just a big purr bucket, but she also loves to play. The grand kids have a big time with her. It will be a year next month that I lost Smokey and it was time to stop grieving.
Ok, enough for now. Hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend.
Hugs, Joyce


  1. nice tags. :)
    your weather sounds like what we've been having. brrr
    hope your pain eases up, will say a prayer for you today.
    mz gismo is 6 mos, yep, time for that important vet trip. all my furrs go between 6-7 mos. i don't think i will ever completely stop grieving over my lost ones, esp pudding, i freq dream of her. hope you went over to the pet memorial & saw thei photos.
    have a good day.

  2. Poor Gizmo, I am sure she will be back to herself soon after that little trip to the Doc tomorrow.

  3. LOL...I've been keeping track of the Titans. Hope they keep it up. Hope you can get your back in order again. That must be awful.

    Good luck to Gizmo and her surgery. Yikes, you sure don't want your kitty in heat. Go Titans!

  4. Glad your back is feeling better. Enjoy the weather... we're in the 90's today... I WANT COLDER WEATHER!!!!!!! LOL!!!

  5. Another blogger recently got that shot, and it seems to have helped her quite a bit. I hope it works as well for you.

    Shhh...we won't tell Gizmo about her car trip tomorrow.


  6. so glad you are feeling a bit better with your back Joyce and that the epidural seems to be working; good decision to have Ms. Gizmo have her surgery; wisest thing us pet owners can do to be responsible, know what I mean???

    go Titans!!!


  7. Wishing Gizmo good luck with surgery...brr sounds cold in TN...take care of yourself!

  8. ps.. wish my "boys" aka Steelers, were doing as well...Great season for Titans this year!!!

  9. Well, believe it or not...the temp in Florida is only 67 degrees today! Chilly for the Floridians but I love it because I'm a true New Englander!

    Hugs, Rose

  10. Good luck to Gizmo! And the Titans too. Anybody is doing better than the Eagles. Glad you ar feeling better. Marlene

  11. You're forgiven for falling behind in your blog reading. Go, and sin no more.

  12. Looks like I'll have to go for a jab, I need something, hope all goes well with Gizmo and her OP, wrap up warm.

    Take care


  13. Glad your back is feeling better.Good luck to Gizmo!

  14. Hi Joyce. Good to hear you're off the "hard stuff" for now. My son got the steroid injection on one of his appointments with his doctor. It seems to have helped and he, too, is learning to deal with the back and leg aches without so much medication. I do wish everyone was so smart to get their animals "sterilized". It sure would make a big difference. Sounds like purrrrfect weather there to just stay in and snuggle with the kitty and watch tv. Take care :)............